Friday, December 31, 2010


  Every New Year, I feel an intense need to collect my thoughts about the previous one. Mostly these thoughts are lessons that I learned through life experiences during the previous year, or things that I did that I'd never done before. Here is 2010's collection of thoughts:

This Year I:
had the SINGLE weirdest experience of my entire life thus far.
got drunk for the first time.
had a boy travel 2,000 miles by land just to see me for the first time.
opened my heart completely up for the first time.
fell truly, madly, deeply in love for the first time.
moved out of my house and away from my family for the first time.
learned a LOT that I never knew before about maintaining relationships (both romantic and friendly).
went to a university for the first time. 
lived on campus for the first time. 
made a lot of multi-cultural friends for the first time.  
cried more than I ever have before.
loved more than I ever have before.
gave second chances.
learned that my happiness should not be dependent on anyone else.
realized that making other people happy is great, but my own happiness should determine my choices.
learned to be VERY choosy about who I drink with...alcohol can change anyone.
learned not to judge others. Anyone is capable of anything, and no one plans to end up 'in a hole'.
discovered better methods for studying.
learned that I am growing up, and I can turn my desires into realities now.

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