Saturday, February 18, 2012

A New Chapter and A Big Move

  Many of you may already know that Jacob and I have made a life-changing (somewhat - depending on what you'd call life-changing) decision. I am sorry about the manner in which some of you have found out. I have tried to use discretion in talking about it so that I could talk to my friends about this decision in person or at least one-on-one. But as the time is coming close for this change to come to fruition, it's clear to me now that I need to simply announce our plans.

  Jacob and I have decided to move to Texas. Dallas, Texas to be specific. The way this came about is a somewhat long story, but I will paraphrase it. Basically, Jacob was offered two job opportunities. One was here, and one was in Texas. The opportunities were both good ones, and we were torn. We have both been wanting for some time and for various reasons to go back to Texas, but it seemed so much easier to stay here. My family is here, and when I move I will miss them terribly. My job is here, and it is the best job I have ever had. I love my coworkers and my managers and the work is great as well. We found ourselves unsure of which way to go.

  So we prayed, and we prayed hard that God would show us which way He wanted us to go. Our prayer specifically was that God would make it absolutely clear to us which "door" we were to walk through. We asked Him to close whichever door He didn't want us to go through. He did this one day when after Jacob prayed that prayer his phone rang. It was the man who had been talking with him about the job here in this area. He had called to tell Jacob the position was no longer available because his background check was taking too long to come back since he had previously lived out of state. All the positions had been filled.

  After we received this confirmation, we decided to move full steam ahead. We signed a lease on an apartment in Mesquite, Texas. The place is beautiful, and I am very excited to live there! I will try to post pictures once we are settled in. Jacob is scheduled to leave with all our belongings (except those essential to me) this coming weekend, and I will be flying out to meet him on March 10th. We will be sharing the apartment with our good friend Josh for the next 12 months.

  I am extremely excited and extremely nervous about this move. I am having a lot of mixed feelings about it; I will miss my family and friends terribly, and I will miss my job. I will miss the area, too. But there is definitely a peace in my heart that I know is from God. I know that this is where He wants me and that there is a reason for that. I KNOW that this will be a good thing.

  Jacob and I would both appreciate your prayers as we start our life together. Please pray specifically for peace, that we would make friends quickly (this prayer is mostly for me, because I know very few people in that area and am not sure how soon I will be able to get a job).

  If you're reading this I probably love you. Thank you so much for your support!