Thursday, March 15, 2012

Prayers, please?

  Week 1: Apply for jobs. Unpack stuff. Enjoy new apartment. Spend time with husband. Put together meals. Start reading "The Hunger Games." Get on pinterest. Work on school work. Be very facebook active. Be very lonely.

  I am a person who needs people. I used to hate saying this and I truly believed that I was as independent as they come, and that I didn't need people. I now think that that was an immature attitude to have. EVERYONE needs people. Some people need people more than others, and I am one of those. I'm an extrovert. That doesn't necessarily mean that I'm super-outgoing (although I can be under the right circumstances), but it does mean that I need contact with people a lot. Introverts recharge by spending time by themselves doing quiet, introspective things. Extroverts recharge by being around people and having fun (or that is my understanding anyway). I haven't had enough "people time" for my liking lately.

  It's not the end of the world. In fact, it was to be expected. I knew I was moving to a place where I wouldn't know anyone. I knew that I wouldn't have a job right away and that I'd be spending a lot of time at the apartment by myself. I even knew I would be lonely the way I am right now. I accepted these things before I came here, and in spite of my loneliness (during the day, when my husband is gone), I am very happy with where I am and still believe with all my heart that this is where God wants me.

  So I am not trying to say by airing these frustrations that I regret my decision or that I am sad, depressed, or even desperate to meet people (at least not yet...I'm only one week in, haha). I am simply saying that I am lonely, that I feel I am lacking something quite essential to me, and that I'd appreciate prayers. First of all, please pray that if God has something He wants me to learn from this time by myself or something He wants to change in me, that I would be open to it and not look for people simply to have people around, but rather to turn my attention where He wants it. Second, please pray that I get a job. Financially, it isn't needed at the moment (although it would be a plus, for sure), but it's important to me. Third, please pray that I meet people (preferably young women around my age) and start making some friends in this area!

  I also have an idea in mind for a business I'd like to start...I've been thinking hard about it lately and am not sure exactly how it would work. Please pray that if it's what God wants I would have some kind of breakthrough in that department =) Thanks!

Monday, March 12, 2012

March 10th, and Brighter Days

The Dark Side
  Two days ago was the longest, and one of the most exciting days of my life so far. At 4:30 in the morning I got up, took a shower, and started getting ready to leave for the airport. I said goodbye to my sister at 6 AM and my mom, stepdad and I headed to Dulles. There, I said goodbye to them and took my first flight to Chicago.

  There was supposed to be an hour long layover, but my first flight was delayed, so when I landed in Chicago I headed straight for the next gate. My next flight was very fast and very relaxing. I got some sleep and I got to look out the window at the sky.

  We landed in Little Rock after about an hour and a half. My layover in Little Rock was scheduled for just under 3 hours (it was the cheapest ticket!). I worked on a little schoolwork, got something to eat, and called my husband. The few hours went by quickly, and then I boarded the third plane. I sat next to a mother and baby, and we talked casually, expecting the plane to take off as scheduled. However, after fifteen minutes past our departure time, the pilot got on the speaker and told us to exit the plane, and that they were having mechanical issues.

  I waited in line (with all the other stressed out people) to talk to the ladies working at my gate for about another 15 minutes only to be told to wait and see if the issue could be fixed. After ANOTHER 15 minutes of waiting to find out if it could be fixed, we were told that it couldn't. I spent the next very stressed out hour talking to people who worked at the airport, asking what I should do. The only answer they could give me was to go to the front of the aiport (so that I would have to go back through security) and see if I could get my ticket changed.

  I stood there talking to a very nice, but quite incompetent guy in ticketing who kept giving me all the wrong answers (ie, telling me the best answer would be to refund my ticket and buy another one even though I couldn't get a full refund on my ticket since I'd already flown, putting me on a later flight than the next one available, etc, etc.). Thankfully another worker came up and simply placed me on the very next flight then handed me a boarding pass.

  I had to go back through security, where they made me throw away a water bottle I had just bought, right before I had to go back to ticketing. And of course, at the airport, a bottle of water costs about the same as a bar of gold might anywhere else.

  About 2 hours after I was supposed to have already been with my husband, I boarded the plane (for the fourth time) and arrived in Texas an hour and a half later...and of course, when I landed, my luggage was nowhere to be seen. It turns out it had never left Washington, DC, and would have to be delivered to me the next day. My luggage fees are apparently non-refundable, too.

The Bright Side

  Did any of that matter when I was in my husband's arms again after not seeing him for two weeks (English to Newlywed-ese: 500 years)? NO. Not at all! And not having my luggage the next day hardly mattered to me either. I was so happy and so excited to be with him again! Just touching his face is so wonderful...

  He showed me our apartment, and I was SO impressed! I love the place! It is so beautiful and such good quality. We are so blessed to be able to move from my mom and stepdad's house right into a very nice apartment!

  We spent the night after that going grocery shopping together (very interesting), and doing other newlywed things. I could only stay up for so long though after being up at 4:30 in the morning and having such a hellish day, so when Jacob tried to put a movie on, I basically fainted. I fainted next to HIM though, so it's okay =)

  Yesterday, I spent all day long with my sweetie, and loved EVERY second of it. I cooked our first meal in our new apartment (hamburger helper and garlic bread) last night. It was so nice to be able to do that in my own place and be able to provide for Jacob in that way, even if it wasn't much!

  Today, I spent the day alone, worked on school a little, got a bath and got ready for the day, applied for a couple jobs (they both seem promising!), and unpacked my suitcases. The boxes will have to wait for another day!

  Just thought I'd give everyone an update on what's been going on since my move! I am very excited, and I definitely see this move as a good thing! Please continue to pray for Jacob and I. There are challenges ahead, of course...but I know that everything will be okay. I have him, he has me, and we both have God! That is everything we need.